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Diy Fast Prototype, 3D Printer, And Do-It-Yourself Rapid Prototyping, Replicating

3D artists have the chance to see their creations come to life through 3D printing! By that I mean companies can print 3D models from their designs. Essentially, these businesses give artists and developers the opportunity to make real figurines out of designs, coming from software’s such as Maya, Blender, Auto-Desk software’s, and many more. How is this possible? The technology known as rapid prototyping, also called 3D printing. This technology can create objects layer by layer, similar to a traditional printer. However, these 3D printers don’t contain ink, they contain materials. For example: these machines can hold various materials such as plastics, metals, ceramics, and wax. The quantity of materials is growing continually; Kraftwurx hosts over 40 printable materials within its store, and allows designers to use any of them within their designs.

These printing companies empower designers to print 3D models from a wide variety of materials. Designers have the power to create virtually anything on a computer, from sculptures, to jewelry, to gadgets, to products. This list is constantly growing. If it can be created on the computer, it can be transferred to a 3D PRINTER to be created! These designs will be turned into real figurines made from a large variety of materials. How is this beneficial to designers? They can print 3D models of virtually anything, and they can see their passions come to a physical, hold-able, figurine. How empowering is it for an artist to be able to hold their best design?

Aside from simply allowing artists to print 3D models, Kraftwurx continues to empower artists by allowing them to sell designs which are 3D printable. This allows artists to make money from their designs! Not only do they have the opportunity to print 3D models for themselves, they can create products for the world without having to go through a lengthy and expensive process at machines shop, or even worse outsourcing. By allowing artists to sell their designs and print 3D models, these companies truly empower artists to make serious money. This allows for a large amount of fulfillment for artist, as they can not only print 3D models; they can also sell their designs and products across the globe!

By signing up with one of these businesses, artists have the ability to print 3D models, and sell them! Sellers can make some serious money! One of the best things with these companies, artists don’t have to worry about managing each sale! These printing companies focus on getting the model ordered, printed, and shipped. Artists don’t have to warehouse or deal with anything other than designing, and collecting commission checks.