Ultimaker 2 3D Printer Review

This is the new SainSmart 3D Printer Starter Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are enthusiastic about 3D printer. You could have a complete pair of Sainsmart’s most popular and useful electronic components. What’s more. We will provide you with a detailed tutorials including project introduction as well as their source codes.You may learn about Sainsmart through with such basic projects.

The 3D printer used is the first Ultimaker 3D printer. It is designed with an Acrylic build platform. This kind of platform is known as ‘cold platform’. An adhesive tape is applied to the plate to ensure the part printed sticks on the plate. The printer is only able to print one colour at any given time; this can be as a result of availability of one print head.

, a collaborative network to facilitate an artistic and simple 3D printing experience for both professionals and enthusiasts. Cura, Ultimaker 2’s native software, is able to pre-process 3D files 60 times faster compared to the typical slicing engines which could take up to an hour or so.

You can use eitherpolylactic acid (PLA) or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic filament to print objects. We tested with PLA. Unlike most 3D printers, designed to use 1.75mm-thick plastic filament, the Ultimaker works on the thicker 2.85mm filament, that’s provided by various online dealers from between $30 and $65 for a 1kg spool. The Ultimaker 2’s extrusion system is designed particularly for that filament width.

Perhaps most importantly, Ultimaker delivers hardware product as its 3D printers which are shipped and utilized by a varied, international audience. Originally only obtainable in kit form, the Ultimaker group of printers has since evolved from a build-it-yourself machine to some ready-made, reliable piece of kit. With a good reputation for fast 3D printing in relation to a high-quality print resolution, professionals from many different sectors including healthcare, education, fashion and engineering depend on the desktop 3D printer to compliment the production of prototypes and end-products alike.