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Spanish Surgeons Use Patient-Specific 3D Printed Surgical Instruments


download-32Surgeons tend to be on the cutting edge all around, pun intended. With lives held in their very hands as they perform procedures from the most routine to those that have never been attempted, doctors are usually given every tool possible to see that they are successful. And in the past few years, 3D printing has been increasingly showing itself as a new technology that is not only there to stay within the medical field, its ongoing innovations continue to demonstrate a fast-paced evolution as well as branching out into numerous areas. From 3D printed medical devices like implants to 3D printed medical models used for everything from training to guides in the operating room, miracles are being reported—and there are a lot of happy patients around the world experiencing a new level of quality in their lives.

3D printed surgical instruments are on the rise today as well, but so far we’ve only seen sporadic innovations, and even one instance where researchers have experimented with the feasibility of 3D printing them on Mars in the future for telesurgery. Back on Earth though, impressive progress is being made in Spain at the Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga. There, cardiovascular surgeons are now employing 3D printed surgical instruments during extracorporeal surgery interventions thanks to work created by cardiovascular surgeon Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta (now of La Paz Hospital – Madrid) during his time spent on rotation at the hospital. With this technology, he created instruments that would not have been possible with conventional methods, again showing us one of the greatest values in 3D printing.


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With these futuristic tools, the doctors are offering a new kind of patient-specific care, making surgical instruments that fit specifically to the patient after being 3D printed from converted echocardiograph and CT images. The surgeons at Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga have used these instruments now with 30 patients in over a year’s time in applications for open cardiac surgery during procedures such as:

  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Changes of aorta segments by aneurysms or aortic dissections
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

valvexchange-right-image-e1435175587677They have created instruments such as the:

  • Aortic valve protector
  • Paravalvular probe
  • Intraoperative diameter meter of the aorta
  • Gauge for calibrating the incision of the skin

Each piece is 3D printed with plastic and can be easily sterilized for re-use. And while Dr. Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta and peers using his 3D printed medical instruments are pioneers for now, this is obviously the picture of the future for many hospitals. Most are just beginning to dip their toes into the water as far as 3D printed medical models go, as they are able to print patient-specific models from MRIs and CT scans, showing tumors and other conditions—allowing for diagnosis, treatment, education, and guiding during the procedure. With accompanying 3D printed surgical instruments, the picture is becoming much more full for surgeons who are able to streamline procedures and offer completely personalized care to their patients.

[Source: CSP World]


What Can 3D Printing Do?

Back in the day, people had to make models by hand. This was a painstaking process that required a steady hand, a keen eye for detail, and a lot of time. Because it took so much time, it was also expensive to make models, which meant that you had to be pretty sure about a design before making it come to life in a model. Also, if the design were unsuccessful, you would have to start the entire tedious process all over again. Fortunately, modern technology has changed the way that models are made. Now, 3d printers can be used to create models quickly, accurately, and affordably. 3d prototyping is becoming more and more popular, and it is easy to see why.

3D prototyping is a process by which a resin model is made from CAD (computer-aided design) files. These models can be made at varying levels of detail, although making a higher-resolution model will take longer to make. Instead of having to pay minute attention to detail, you can let the 3D printers do the thinking for you. The resulting models are accurate, detailed, durable, and can even be painted to give you a better idea of what the finished product would look like.

Models made by 3D prototyping are created from thin sheets of resin. While a typical resin thickness for an application like this is 0.004, higher-resolution models use even thinner resin, 0.002 to make sure that the details really shine through. Most 3D PRINTER will allow you to choose the level of detail that you want in your model, but you should keep in mind that higher levels of detail will require more sheets of the thinner resin, as opposed to fewer sheets of the thicker resin. This process will take longer; so make sure to time the prototyping process accordingly.

Using 3D printers, even for higher-resolution models, is a great timesaving measure. Gone are the days in which models were expensive and took a long time to produce. These days, making models through 3D prototyping is so easy that more and more people are doing it. It is growing in popularity simply because it’s a better process: faster, easier, and cheaper. It can drastically cut down on the amount of time that it takes for you to go from model to finished product in development. You should be sure to take advantage of the technology of today.

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3D Printers – Different Kinds Of Modern 3D Printer Technologies

Rapid Prototyping is basically the process of creating models for testing, fitting and functioning of a device. There are a good number of companies that provide Rapid Prototyping Services Canada. With the present day technology, the range of services provided by the companies has broadened. 3D printing is one such modern and cost effective forms of rapid prototyping available out there. It is known as a quick, cheap and effective alternative to the conventional technology used in rapid prototyping. Like the prototyping service providers, you can also find a number of companies these days, providing cost effective 3D printing services in Canada.

This technology makes use of 3D printing equipment in order to generate fully functional and working prototype from a wide range of materials, including plastics and plasters. The choice of material mainly depends on the intricacy, geometry and potency required in the model. 3D printing in Canada is a cheap and accurate medium of prototyping in comparison to the SLA as well as SLS machines. One of the most amazing additional benefits of 3D printing is that it does not make use of any hazardous chemicals, powders or resins, which makes it environmental safe.

The normal SLS machines make use of a 0.15 mm film, while the SLA machines make use of the 0.028 mm layer object size. This is even half the thickness of the human hair. On the other hand, the FDM makes use of 0.25 mm object size and uses a whole layer of ABS plastic to make it appear more realistic. These machines even produce more colors as compared to the SLA and SLS machines. All this makes this 3D PRINTER as one of the best rapid prototyping services in a large number of terms.

The rapid prototyping Canada models are used by a large number of companies as well as designers for testing the functionality of the new products and get feedbacks from the customers. The data obtained is in turn used in modifying the model and developing the desired product. These are an important tool in the events when quick change in design is required before the actual manufacturing. 3d printing Canada helps you in eliminating the need of expensive tools and staff to carry on the required tasks, thereby saving a great deal of time and money.

So, if you are also looking forward for rapid prototyping services then the 3D printing services of Canada can be an ideal option for you.

Diy Fast Prototype, 3D Printer, And Do-It-Yourself Rapid Prototyping, Replicating

3D artists have the chance to see their creations come to life through 3D printing! By that I mean companies can print 3D models from their designs. Essentially, these businesses give artists and developers the opportunity to make real figurines out of designs, coming from software’s such as Maya, Blender, Auto-Desk software’s, and many more. How is this possible? The technology known as rapid prototyping, also called 3D printing. This technology can create objects layer by layer, similar to a traditional printer. However, these 3D printers don’t contain ink, they contain materials. For example: these machines can hold various materials such as plastics, metals, ceramics, and wax. The quantity of materials is growing continually; Kraftwurx hosts over 40 printable materials within its store, and allows designers to use any of them within their designs.

These printing companies empower designers to print 3D models from a wide variety of materials. Designers have the power to create virtually anything on a computer, from sculptures, to jewelry, to gadgets, to products. This list is constantly growing. If it can be created on the computer, it can be transferred to a 3D PRINTER to be created! These designs will be turned into real figurines made from a large variety of materials. How is this beneficial to designers? They can print 3D models of virtually anything, and they can see their passions come to a physical, hold-able, figurine. How empowering is it for an artist to be able to hold their best design?

Aside from simply allowing artists to print 3D models, Kraftwurx continues to empower artists by allowing them to sell designs which are 3D printable. This allows artists to make money from their designs! Not only do they have the opportunity to print 3D models for themselves, they can create products for the world without having to go through a lengthy and expensive process at machines shop, or even worse outsourcing. By allowing artists to sell their designs and print 3D models, these companies truly empower artists to make serious money. This allows for a large amount of fulfillment for artist, as they can not only print 3D models; they can also sell their designs and products across the globe!

By signing up with one of these businesses, artists have the ability to print 3D models, and sell them! Sellers can make some serious money! One of the best things with these companies, artists don’t have to worry about managing each sale! These printing companies focus on getting the model ordered, printed, and shipped. Artists don’t have to warehouse or deal with anything other than designing, and collecting commission checks.

3D Printing Isn’t In The Stone Age Anymore

3D PRINTING Printing has opened up new avenues for many industries, not only that but it has also given things a new edge. The world is yet not a reality but we are soon reaching it just with the help of rapid prototyping and 3D printing. With help of 3D printing and 3D scanning, today different types of industrial and commercial objects are created. These printers can create three-dimensional CAD drawing items. It may occur to many minds as to how this type of printing works.

The basic concept for all 3d printing is same. Any three-dimensional CAD drawings are sliced into approximate thin slices depending on the machine. Different printers use different types of materials along with different binding process. In general, powder of ceramic, nylon, sometimes metals are used to create the basic patterned layer. After one layer is created then the machine creates the next layer. There are different types of machines that are used for 3d printing and 3D scanning depending on various industries and with the advancement of technology things are also improving for the best. 3D printers can be purchased from retailers whereas can also be made at home but they cost a bit more. The concept of this three dimensional printing is moving in various directions with time and technology, these indications are enough to prove that this method will continue to expand in the future. As the quality of the materials is improving and the costs are going down then we can easily imagine how this printing can be used for the betterment of humankind in future.

Customized parts of various products can easily be created and the best part is that it is not far when we will be able to see customized food production. Many scientists are working on such features and are coming out with great results.